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February 4, 2020
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February 6, 2020

Our Top Recommended Africa Experiences / Destinations for travel in 2020! RWANDA


Rwanda, renowned as 'land of thousand hills' is an impeccably beautiful country; characterised by fascinating savannah, undulating hills and deep valleys, abundant wildlife and natural aesthetics.

Why Rwanda:

1. Scenic Kigali Landscape: Explore Kigali’s landscapes, which reveal the undulating beauty of the city. Rwanda is synonymous with mountains and scenic landscapes celebrated for its gorgeous national parks, historical and cultural attractions.
2. Lake Kivu & Lake Burera: Lake Kivu is part of the great lakes of Africa. Lake Burera: Located at the base of volcano Muhabura, surrounded by precipitous peaks with Virunga volcanic mountains in the background, Lake Burera is one of the beautiful lakes
3. Tea Garden: famous for its quality of tea along with the natural beauty of the tea garden and surroundings.
4. Virunga Mountains: This is where you see endangered mountain gorillas in close view – a mind-boggling sight. The Virunga Mountains borders Volcanoes National Park and Ruwenzori National Park. The Mountain Gorillas have been a major attraction in Rwanda. Go on Gorilla Safari – gorilla trekking, have a captivating wildlife encounter, watch gorillas and discover the natural scenery the mountain offers
5. Nyungwe Forest National Park: Nyungwe Forest captivates visitors with its large concentration of primates such as Colobus monkeys and Chimpanzees. With numerous wildlife and attractions scattered around the forest, Nyungwe National Park is a place to be. Known for its natural beauty and diverse landscape, the park boasts a wide variety of exciting safari activities including sight-seeing; luxury lodges and abundant wildlife species.