Magical Botswana! Linyanti.
December 13, 2019
Magical Botswana! Makgadikgadi Pans National Park.
December 13, 2019

Magical Botswana! Vumbura Plains - North.

Luxurious Vumbura plains situated in an area that is a mix of water and dry land. Its a beautiful, diverse area with a range of herbivore and predator species. With permanent water and a vast expanse of dry land. Both water and land activities on vehicles, mokoro and boats deliver on all-round life-changing African safari experience.

From all the safari destinations I have experienced in my lifetime I have never ever experienced such a wide variety of incredible wildlife encounters such as our recent safari experience at Vumbura plains. We spent 2 nights at Vumbura North Lodge in Vumbura plains and saw the most extraordinary wildlife sightings. I imagine Vumbura Plains to be just like the Garden of Eden ...such a wide variety of spectacular wildlife and birdlife to be found in one area. When you stay at the exclusive Vumbura North or South Lodge you will be surrounded by vast and pristine wilderness! We saw it all in just 3 days! Leopard 3 times, 2 different wild dog packs ...the one pack we watched coming face to face with a wildebeest, however, the wildebeest stood his ground and they soon realised that it might not be such a good idea! They opted for a smaller prey we continued to follow them the rest of the afternoon as they attempted to hunt.

The last mornings game drive I saw how a pack of a wild dog called the golden pack chase a hyena away ...the hyena hid in a bush after being chased and attacked by a large pack of wild dog however the pack soon made it loud and clear that best the hyena moves away quickly. We followed 2 beautiful male lions known as the brothers on several occasions and it was incredible to witness the very special and close bond between them. We saw a cheetah on a lechwe kill and an unforgettable sighting on the last morning ....lions crossing through the water ( see pic below ) Vumbura Plains I will never ever forget you! Truly a life-changing journey and experience! Gelle