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Pumba Eastern Cape Safari – Traveler feedback
March 13, 2022
Chimps, Gorillas Uganda Private Guided adventure November 22 – Traveler feedback
December 1, 2022

Gelle, I’m so sorry for this late response as it betrays our gratitude to you for expertly creating our trip. It was such short notice on our part and yet you created an experience that provided miracles throughout our camps

I do want to emphasize how much John and I enjoyed our time in Uganda. You predicted it and we thoroughly agree…the people are marvelous, welcoming, gracious, hardworking and the women in particular are gorgeous. I was so impressed by their stature, style and also their beautiful fabric and dresses. There was a great sense of safety and positivity everywhere

Our transitions through airports were handled superbly and greatly appreciated. This travel detail can mean so much during a busy itinerary. Thank you

I apologize for this email being so delayed to you. You deserved a rapid response. Your expert care created a magical experience for us and we are extremely grateful. Thank you so much.


Mary and John

( USA )

photo credit: Wayne Calvin